Mr and Mrs Abbott


Stone Barn Upper Windrush, Cheltenham


I’ve had over a month to digest this wedding. I have thought about it most days since and not just because I’ve had over a thousand (no joke) images to process from it.

I must confess that it was by far (and I hate to have favourites) one of the best weddings I have ever had the pleasure of shooting.

Why? Well there are a number of reasons of which I’ll explain as you scroll down. I don’t think you really need me rambling, gushing over details and swooning over the bride’s dress do you? Although, I have every reason to do so.

The truth is,the photos do all the talking and you only have to look at the number of smiling, happy faces to see that this was a wedding that ticked all the boxes.

So let me begin with a selfish reason why this wedding was kicked off on such a good note. It is rare that I get an opportunity to not only have a night sleeping by myself thanks to my VERY cute baby boy who wakes me regularly to re-attach himself to me. I haven’t had an un-interrupted sleep for what seems like years! So when I was given a last minute opportunity to crash on the sofa at a cottage where some of Louise’s friends were staying the night before the wedding you can bet your own offspring I jumped at the chance. What a LOVELY bunch of girlfriends Louise has!

So here’s what a night before the wedding looked like for me. Courtesy of the FFL’s. CHEERS ladies!

So let’s leave the hot tub and get back to the wedding.


Where better to begin a wedding than a nice local country pub. That’s where Sarah met the boys after they were all spruced up and ready to make their was to the barn.

And whilst the boys did their thing I made my way to a little village called Lechlade in Cheltenham where Louise had stayed with her two bridesmaids. I could tell by the heads full of rollers I was definitely in the right place.

Everyone was lovely and relaxed and in very good (and talented) hands of the hair and make up artists.


From what I’ve witnessed, most brides experience a multitude of emotions on the morning of the wedding and Louise was no exception. Excitement tends to over ride most but bellies can be full of nerves too. Louise made a good effort to suppress the nerves but failed to hide her emotions as she read the card Matt had written for her. (It was very tactical of Danielle to pass it to her before she’d had her mascara applied).

Feeling a bit emosh? OK i’ll divert your attention elsewhere and we can come back to our bride once she’s pulled herself together.

OMG SHOES. Look at the pretty shoes!

I personally couldn’t wear shoes like these if you paid me but I can certainly appreciate a fabulous pair of heels when I see some.

Soon after I arrived the wedding bouquets followed and they looked far more impressive than I.

I am easily over-stimulated (borderline obsessed) with colour and so Louise’s choice of flowers made me very very excited. Some people like cars, hand bags or taking photos of food I LOVE colour especially when colour works like THIS.


And so things started coming together pretty quickly after the flowers arrived. As the final touches to hair and make up were being applied inside the beautiful vintage rolls pulled up outside gleaming in the sunshone as it waited to transport the bride.

Father of the Bride then made his appearance and was clearly overwhelmed by how beautiful his Daughter looked.

I think some may say that their wedding had been a long time coming as Louise and Matt have been together for many years already . So it was no surprise to find friends and family eager to see them tie the knot.

And they couldn’t have picked are more stunning venue and location to make such wonderful memories with everyone.

I think this would be a good time to get in to a more soppy mood as it’s now ceremony time.

Click play

And whilst the happy couple caught up with friends and family the rest of the wedding day continued to be packed full of celebration…

…a few tears, an abundance of hugging and kissing. LOTS of kissing.


The weather remained glorious all day and we had the most gorgeous light to play with for photos. It was a perfect day.


This venue offers so much in the way of great photo opportunities. From the Cotswold country views to the unique characteristics of the interior, it’s hard not to fall in love with the timber beamed ceilings and ancient limestone walls and all the personal details that Louise and Matt added to make it their wedding were simply perfect.


Looking back I don’t think there would be anything that could have made this wedding any more fun or more beautiful. They chose a stunning location and a faultless wedding venue and they filled it full of people they love. And the people they love had an absolute bloody ball! As did I.


Guys, it was THE most amazing day for me so God only knows how it was for you two! You couldn’t have been easier to work with and I honestly couldn’t have enjoyed myself more if I tried.

Give me a time machine and I’d gladly re-live every minute of it.

Thank you for making me feel like my job is THE BEST job ever!