Hello! Thanks for taking a peek at my site. 

So I guess you would like to know a bit more about me then?

Well I have reached 40 and have three young children  and turned pro about 7 years ago after having my first baby. I have a vague memory of a photography A level from about 20 years ago but otherwise I am completely self-taught. I am no technical wizard as I would consider myself more of an artist but I believe being good at something requires passion/obsession, dedication and in my case a good eye (or two) and just doing it.  Through the medium of photography I continue to push myself creatively and thrive when I feel out of my comfort zones.

I consider my work a true reflection of me, artistic, spontaneous, emotional and very honest. I often refer to my camera as my third baby and taking photographs at every available opportunity is what I do and what ultimately makes me incredibly happy. 

I am not in to over-processing images and am not a fan of unrealistic photos of people looking like plastic dolls (of course I will remove your spots if necessary).

I LOVE portraits, documenting people and human emotion. People of all ages, shapes and sizes interest me.

 Since starting my business I have discovered a way to enjoy and meet so many lovely people who in ordinary life would possibly never have crossed my path. I like to think I can make them happy and that makes me very happy.

An interest in the human is something I've always possessed, the mind, the body, the face... and consequently my whole working life has revolved around working with them. Before I had my children I spent many years travelling and living in other countries, working in hospitality and once had a personal training business which really taught me to learn to bring the best out in people.

I am still very partial to a foreign jaunt when I feel a higher call especially to developing countries like Africa and my favourite country in the world is India. 

I am very creative and pride myself in being able to exceed client expectations. I love art and music (thankfully my partner is a musician) and colour is very important to me. I am a magnet to an old brick wall and throw in some Autumn leaves and a ginger kid and I am quite frankly in heaven.

I am not so motivated financially that I want to shoot as many weddings as possible in a year. I shoot from the heart which can be exhausting but I also love my life, my family and friends and will always make room for them as well as my work. 

My favourite perspective is my "worms eye view" (I spend a lot of time on the floor) and I will pretty much do what it takes to cover all angles. I can make myself a guest and a ghost all in one day and I will not shy away from herding together a group of reluctant wedding guests for important group photos without wasting valuable drinking time.  I will also NEVER turn down a free dinner.

So why book me? I'd like to see you try and find someone more enthusiastic or more passionate who loves their camera kit as much as they love watching her children devour an entire home cooked meal.

I look forward to meeting you!