Bolding Wedding Wasing Park Berkshire


Paul and Zoe


Have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you there's no one else above you
You fill my heart with gladness
Take away all my sadness
Ease my troubles, that's what you do

For the morning sun and all it's glory
Greets the day with hope and comfort, too
You fill my heart with laughter
Somehow, you make it better

Ease my troubles, that's what you do

Hello! I am writing this exactly one week after Paul and Zoe got MARRIED and I have been obsessively editing (like some sort of photo junkie) for the past few days as I want to get this out there as soon as humanly possible and whilst we are all still on our post-wedding high (yes I have those too).

The Bolding wedding took place on 28th May 2019 at Wasing Park which is set in the beautiful Berkshire countryside. Wasing Park is a great venue for weddings with tonnes of opportunities for mixing up the backdrops for ‘official’ photos and group shots. It has plenty of outdoor space, old brick walls and quirky rooms for overnight stays so I can see why Zoe instantly fell in love with it .


Zoe arrived at the venue with her hair already done so there was plenty of time to perfect her make up, fill the kids up with custard creams and squeeze in a coffee for me.

Paul and the boys arrived in their full wedding get up and whilst the barn was being set up I got the thumbs up from the lads to capture some photos before the rest of the guests began to arrive.

Harry, fulfilling his best big Brother role, looked after Jessica and kept her entertained so Mum Zoe could concentrate on being her best bridal self.


Prepared for the weather and smiling despite the rain… love it girls!


Great to see Paul and best man Ian taking it all VERY seriously whilst James and Ryan managed to squeeze in a pre-ceremony selfie just as Zoe was about to walk down the aisle (insert raised eyes emoji).

Emotions had got the better of Zoe at this point though as Son Harry proudly walked her down the aisle.

I remember not being able to stop my tears as my best friend took my hand and the doors to the ceremony room opened on my wedding day. THIS moment is huge and at least a few people are always blubbing by now (myself included).

…and before they knew it they were husband and wife and the rest of the tears were saved for the speeches later (with the exception of Harry who also found himself a little overwhelmed by it all). Time for a drink!

The 28th May wasn’t the driest day of the year but thankfully we are not made of sugar and the rain didn’t dampen our spirits (see what I did there?) Plus I absolutely LOVE umbrellas in photos so I was more than happy to get them involved as we ushered out the guests for a big group shot.


The rest of the day was simply brilliant, the cake was cut in the ceremony room and the guests kept themselves entertained with the clap clap game.

Rain or shine the kids were more than content running around on the lawn with their bubbles whilst the adults lapped up their delicious wedding breakfast.

I think this is a Bolding version of a display team? I might request a human pyramid next job (just for shits and giggles).


After the speeches I took Paul and Zoe off for some couple photos and we were spoilt for choice for gorgeous spots to shoot. I personally like to shoot on the move with my couples as it’s a much more relaxed approach to capturing natural photos and let’s be honest we all look our best when we don’t feel like a total…. erm I want to say nob, can I say nob? There I said it.

If I think you are going to feel like a total nob I won’t ask you to pose like one. BUT I will insist that you take some time out to be together, go for a walk, make the most of the venue you have no doubt paid a pretty penny for and throw in a little stop for a kiss along the way and we WILL have a laugh.


Another tick in the box for Wasing Park as a wedding venue is this enormous ten foot bed. The only photo that Paul requested all day was one of as many guests as possible on this bed I think we managed twenty but we could probably have squeezed a few more on there I reckon.


The best speech of the day was most definitely delivered by Marilyn who is Zoe’s cousin. Marilyn spoke on behalf of Zoe’s late Mum and Dad and told a beautiful love story of her parents.

One day Zoe’s “very good looking” moved in to a flat next door to where Marilyn lived with her family and where Zoe’s Mum spent a lot of her time. One day the two met in the stairwell of the block of flats and quickly fell in love.

Marilyn spoke of what a lovely couple Zoe’s parents were, how kind Zoe’s Mum was and when they found out that after years of trying they eventually fell pregnant with Zoe they couldn’t have been happier for them and Zoe couldn’t have been more loved.

I thought this story was so wonderful and a perfect way to incorporate and honour two people whom I have no doubt would have been beaming with pride on this particularly special occasion.

Once the speeches were out of the way and everyone had stopped crying it was time to get back cracking on with the fun. The photo booth was set up and in no time the guests were adorning themselves with silly hats, wigs and signs and if you look close enough you may even notice that one or two may have been more “cheeky” than the rest.

Wasing Park doesn’t allow confetti and the rain continued to be on and off for most of the day so we decided to stick two fingers up to the weather and spontaneously created an umbrella tunnel (just for shits and giggles) and I for one LOVED it. Since as far as I am aware few venues happen to have an exclusive umbrella cupboard this is not something I have attempted before but I am sure that you agree with me that this turned out to be a great alternative to the traditional confetti photo and we all had a right laugh doing it.

Paul and Zoe thank you both so much for having me. You have an incredibly loving and nutty family. I laughed a lot and I wish you both a lifetime of shits and giggles. XX