Catherine and Helen's Wedding 01.09.18

“Family is everything”


Welcome wedding lovers, seaside fans and general all round nosey parkers.

WARNING the photos you are about to see depict some quite sickening scenes of complete and utter happiness, laughter, some tears… oh and Punch and Judy!

A puppet show? At a wedding? YES a puppet show at a WEDDING (a refreshing change from bunting).

And to accompany this part of the blog why don’t you take yourself to a place we all call happy, where we all love to be… beside the seaside…beside the sea….

(click play)

The first of September was a wonderfully sunny and warm day which meant that the streets of Worthing were busied with weekend shoppers, families, sun worshippers and seaside lovers. It was a much welcome scene to be greeted with after my long(ish) motorway journey.

Catherine and Helen’s ceremony was set to take place in the afternoon and when I arrived I found some of their guests relaxing on the balcony and lapping up the sunshine.

As the rest of the guests trickled in it was obvious that there were people amongst them that hadn’t seen each other for a while so a few tears were shed early.

Liz one of (Catherine’s Sister’s) would probably win “most emotional guest” award this year as she quite possibly managed to maintain a good level of weeping throughout the entire day.

By 2pm it was all bums on seats and the girls accompanied each other to their ceremony. They were greeted by a room full of smiling faces and a roar of applause! It was perfect.


Whilst the ceremony room was converted in to a dining room the guests and our deliriously happy couple were directed upstairs to receive some bubbles and a wonderful view of the sea…


…and the bubbles went down a treat (as did the view of course).



For those of you whom haven’t heard of The Dome in Worthing it is worth a little mention as a venue as it has a very interesting history.

The Dome is a grade II listed Edwardian building and is in fact one of the oldest working cinemas in England. In 1918, shortly after world war one had ended, it was converted into a proper full-time cinema and despite plans to demolish it and it’s need for several renovations over the years, it is still standing and continues to be a fully working cinema today.

We were allowed access to the cinema in between showings so naturally we kicked out the general public and made the most of the opportunity.


That’s it for your history lesson, that’s obviously not what you came here for. Let’s get back to the wedding?

Also worth a short mention is the DELICIOUS wedding cake (which I might add I hung around long enough to sample). Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yummy yummy yummy yummy yum yum…. FRESH BERRIES INSIDE. The end.

Time for some family photos! Meet The Lakes. A fine bunch of women who absolutely adore each other and especially Mum Janet. Janet is adored by EVERYONE.

Now meet The Northeasts. Their faces must have been aching by the end of the day! I didn’t see them without a smile once.


Random bus photo

There was absolutely no reason to sit Cath and Helen at the bus stop with a few strangers for a photo. But it made us all giggle so we did it anyway.


Meanwhile … back out in the SUNSHINE…


After a lot of mingling and catching up with friends and family, everyone was invited to take their seats for dinner and prepare for speeches.

So Cath being Cath and Helen being Helen decided that their wedding breakfast was not to follow all traditions and threw in a little something slightly out of the ordinary in the form of a Punch and Judy show. Certainly a first for me and probably their guests who albeit a little bemused I think really loved it (once they stopped trying to comprehend it).

The speeches were brilliant in every way, heartfelt, honest, amusing and full of genuine love for both Catherine and Helen. And even now when I think back to this wedding these words “family is everything” ring out.


With still no signs of the weather changing from anything but absolutely perfect and with guests loaded with vino we hit the beach for some couple/chaos/group photos.


Heels and pebbles girls are NOT the best combo but we got there (sort of).


As evening descended upon us, many heels were abandoned and the dance floor was primed by the D J ready for the girls first dance as a married couple “at last”.

The party was soon in full swing (as you can see) and the moves being busted out before me was quite a feast for my eyes (and my camera). It was bloody awesome!


I’ve little else to add about this awesome day. Come evening my eyes were tired, my back was aching but I departed from this wedding with a full heart knowing that I was not the only one absolutely over the moon for this pair of wonderful ladies and how loved you both are.


Thank you for not getting married in a barn, for choosing puppets over bunting and for the most superb day.

Much love to you both.. xxx