Cherrie Wedding Hampton Court House

Hampton Court House

1st August 2019

“Storms make trees take deeper roots”

Apparently this was quite a multi-national affair and so I would like to open up (as per the Groom’s speech) accordingly.

“Hello, previet, diornod, buenos dias, g’day, goeiedag”. Welcome to the wedding of Holly and Christian aka “Pants and Chops”.


I guess everyone sets out to organise a wedding that best reflects their personalities. I know for a fact that Holly and Christian did exactly that.

Prior to the wedding we spoke about how they instantly fell in love with Hampton Court House for all it’s character and charm and that they also wanted the freedom to put their own stamp on their wedding venue on the day.

I’d say they certainly managed to splash their colourful personalities all over the place in what we can now officially describe as true Cherrie style.


If you have no other noise distractions right now go ahead and hit PLAY.


Christian and the chaps had a few jobs to complete on the morning of the wedding and so got ready at the venue.


Having delegated the remaining tasks to Christian and the chaps Holly I found relaxing at the White Hart Hotel in Hampton Wick.

I have been there several times now and it’s a lovely place to spend a morning beautifying and NOT worrying about the weather.


Something Holly had told me when we met before the wedding is how important colour is to her and perhaps that’s why they chose to marry in the summer when the flowers would be in abundance and full bloom. This summer has certainly delivered!

Best friend Amelia even incorporates Holly’s colour obsession in the poem she wrote for her speech:

“She’s quirky, unique and darn cool

always dressed head to size sevens in colour,

pineapples, flamingos, you name it

This one rocks bold print and big earrings like no other…

…what you see is what you get

(in full colour and Dolby surround sound)

You’ll hear her coming a mile off

She’s not one to fade in to the background”


At the heart of all the colour, the fun and frolics are two people who’ve weathered their fair share of life’s shitty storms and “speed bumps” and found themselves still holding on to each other, propped up by the love and support of close family and incredible friendships and this wedding was nothing more than a massive celebration of all the good stuff this life also has to offer.

So may you remain forever in a constant state of colourful celebration Mr and Mrs Cherrie. What an absolute pleasure to know you both. XX