Fine art photography portraits

I am thoroughly enjoying this new style of photography and have recently added it to my packages. This style of portraiture is simple but challenging and places an emphasis on the subject.


This is Gemma, when we shot her maternity shoot she was 34 weeks pregnant. After the shoot Gemma sent me a lovely email saying this…

“I've never been at ease with having my photo taken and pregnancy has made me feel increasingly self conscious. The constant open comments on my changing body from others has left me feeling very vulnerable at times and I have often focused on the negative changes rather than the positives. From the moment I walked into Kelly's studio she made me feel at ease.

She has such a natural way of calming and relaxing the people she is working with that you forget she's behind the lens. The pictures she has taken capture all the aspects of me that I love but also makes me like the parts of me that I have been uneasy with. I know I'm going to look at these photos for years and they will remind me of this amazing, beautiful, challenging time. Thank you Kelly x”



This image is taken from my shoot with Sophie. It was challenging as she struggles to sit still but a refreshing change from trying to force a smile.

Savannah age 6. 20.10.18

Savannah age 6. 20.10.18

Lilliana age 7. 20.10.18

Lilliana age 7. 20.10.18

I have always leaned towards this style of photography, inspired by colours and textures and feel it’s time to develop some new ideas.

Believe it or not shooting subjects in this way is actually more challenging than you might think. With little movement to capture I have to learn to be a better director, stylist (sometimes florist) and then I can lose myself in the subject.