GREAT FOSTERS Mr and Mrs High 30.05.19



Well readers before you begin I feel I should issue a small warning. The following collection of images shows two people so in love you might actually want to be sick in your mouth. So if you are someone who is NOT in love right now you should probably sod off at this point as this blog is perhaps not for you.

Danielle and Steve are two people very much in love and if you don’t want to be reminded of what happiness looks like or if you’re not feeling the love what the heck are you doing on a wedding blog anyway?

So Amazing

This was the song that Danielle and Steve chose for their first dance and if you’re NOT reading this on your phone ( I know that’s unlikely) click on it if you fancy some background music whilst you scroll through.

The girls were all brilliant on the morning of the wedding super helpful and probably the most excited of all was flower girl Maliah. Thankfully Tudor windows weren’t designed for small children to fall out of easily (or fit brides for that matter).

The Bride

My first ever encounter with Danielle was with Steve just over a couple of years ago when they came to my studio for a new born session with their Alfie. I had just purchased my beloved camel saddle (as you do) from a local charity shop and Alfie was one of the first babies I posed on it. I have since photographed their family on a number of separate occasions and each time it’s felt more like hanging out with friends.

Had they not have asked me to be their wedding photographer I probably would have sent a few (tiny) death threats but as it turned out they did ask me and no drastic measures were taken.


During the lead up to the wedding Danielle and I spoke on several occasions mainly about any worries she nay have had. Since I am eight years in to shooting weddings now I am always willing to share opinions based on my professional experience especially if I think it’ll help.

We usually ended up chatting about other things non-wedding related too and so I feel we really started to act like and become friends.

Once Danielle’s hair and make up was perfected she acknowledged her status as “fittest bride ever” and all of a sudden her nerves turned to excitement.

Once Danielle’s hair and make up was perfected she acknowledged her status as “fittest bride ever” and all of a sudden her nerves turned to excitement.

The Venue

This was actually my third time working at Great Fosters but my first time where the bridal prep took place there as well. It’s a venue that ticks all my ‘ideal wedding venue boxes’. It is well known for it’s incredible gardens and most of the walls in the rooms have these glorious wood panelled walls. I can’t tell you how much I ADORE wood panelled walls! Venues like these create an ideal opportunity to create photos that look like old master paintings and so I was in my element.


When clients choose such impressive and beautiful venues I am really passionate about making the most of them. If you choose a venue like this you should NEVER stick to one area for photos ESPECIALLY group photos for two main reasons. a) it is boring and b) you will not be getting your money’s worth. So with that in mind and time to spare I took the girls off on a little tour of the hotel for some pre-ceremony photos.

Leela and Freya, Steve’s stunning Daughters

Leela and Freya, Steve’s stunning Daughters

Steve was due to arrive around midday so I waited with his girls for him to arrive in a rather impressive set of wheels which he borrowed from a friend looking VERY pleased with himself.

The arrival of the Groom and his best men also meant it was almost time for the ceremony to take place.

I was absolutely adamant that I would capture some photos of Danielle on the stairs before hand and since she was two flights up my wish was granted without too much difficulty. Doesn’t she look absolutely incredible?!


And just look at that face! As emotional as he was during this moment I don’t think he could have looked more ready to marry his love.


The ceremony was brilliant! Steve cried as much as I could have hoped as he watched her walk down the aisle. In fact he was a right mess before she even arrived.

Steve and Danielle were presented their marriage certificate and announced Mr and Mrs High and the wedding guests celebrated with the traditional throwing of confetti as the couple made their way back down the aisle as husband and (fit) Wife.


Once outside Steve made sure he told Robbie how proud he was of him which was a beautiful Father/Son moment made all the more significant with the photo of Steve’s late Dad pinned to his jacket pocket (incase you were wondering what that was). The pin was a surprise gift from Danielle in the morning which set off his emotions possibly earlier than he was expecting.


Time for fizz, hugs and sunshine!


Since the weather was perfect and the gardens absolutely glorious we spent some time exploring and making the most of them.


The gardens at Great Fosters couldn’t have provided a more beautiful back drop for photos.


The guests were seated and the speeches kicked off the wedding breakfast which I was also lucky enough to enjoy and it was DELICIOUS (thank you).


The cutting of the cake took place after dinner and then the room was prepared for an evening of celebrations.

By this point Danielle and Steve had managed to get a few drinks down them (it’s harder than you think at your own wedding) and they hit the floor for their first dance.


I always take way too many photos and I possibly took too many photos of Steve and Danielle BUT having just recently married myself I have come to the conclusion that maybe you can’t have too many. The photos I look back on the most are the pictures of myself and my Husband, probably because we don’t actually have that many of just us and also because we look so bloody happy!

Like I said at the beginning of this blog this IS what happiness looks like. Mr and Mrs High are MADLY and genuinely in love with each other and they had an absolute ball together on their wedding day. It was ALL about them and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

I now consider myself lucky enough to have a couple of new friends and I couldn’t have been happier to capture a day for them that far exceeded their own expectations.

Long may you look this happy together Mr and Mrs High. You absolutely deserve it.