Mr and Mrs Clark, a touch of magic .. July 11th 2015


The Clark wedding was (to date) the most chilled wedding I have ever had the pleasure of shooting. It seems only right that this blog continue with the same vibe. So grab a cuppa and a comfy seat and hit PLAY.  

She changed her mind...

I arrived mid-afternoon on Saturday 11th July at Fleur amd Richard's home ready for the bridal preparations. Fleur had just returned from the hair dressers and greeted me with news that she had made some last minute changes. No NOT her choice of husband, (wipe that brow) she casually informed me that only the week before the wedding she'd decided to change her hair AND her dress (lucky me she didn't change the photographer). 

From our first meetings earlier in the year Fleur and Richard had a lovely attitude towards their wedding. Seemingly un-phased by the arrival of their BEAUTIFUL baby girl only three months ago, they were incredibly organised and relaxed about the whole affair. They wanted a simple, chilled day, minimal fuss and maximum enjoyment with good friends and family. Now that's the way to do it I say! 

The flawless bride

Fleur's make up artist  (the lovely Abbie Trefrey) effortlessly danced her magical brushes across Fleur's face enhancing her flawless complexion. The bridal prep was quick and simple. Job done.  A few last minute nails were painted, eye lashes re- glued and the kettle was on. 

By this reaction Fleur was pretty pleased with the results too. A natural beauty. Yep, sorry girls - this is the face of a woman who only gave birth to her third baby four months ago! I'm not even sure if I was out the house by then…. Anyway….

Fleur's boys arrived at the house ready to dress in their smart wedding attire and the excitement in the house went up a notch as it was time for Mummy to put her dress on. 

Time for a quick change… from Mummy to Bride… 

The perfect combination 

Two handsome boys, one beautiful baby sister, and one flawless bride.. this wedding party was all prepared and ready to go. 

Baby Lia, age four months. How cute is she?!

Meanwhile… back at the wedding venue...

I arrived at the golf club to find guests gradually arriving and (eventually) a half dressed, incredibly laid back Groom. 

Arriving in style

I believe another last minute decision (this time made by Richard). Fleur's transport  to the wedding was to prove a surprisingly unique one. Richard being a fire fighter obviously couldn't resist the temptation of guaranteeing his bride arriving in style...

and in style she surely was. Let's face it, this girl can rock any form of transport.

With the guests all seated and ready for the ceremony, our handsome groom (finally fully dressed) casually awaited Fleur's arrival. 

Time to squeeze a cheeky shot of the groom with his men.. Loving the colgate smiles fellas! …  

A speedy walk down the aisle ( I think the nerves had finally kicked in) and the official stuff was underway and the two became one and the everyone cheered. 

Meet Mr and Mrs Clark. Hooray! … 

A swift exit down the aisle could only mean one thing for this pair...

Of course! It's Pimms o clock...

By the end of the short but sweet ceremony, it was drawing close to the early evening. The sun was warm and the sky still blue. Richard's cafe del mar vibes were plugged in and the mood on the terrace was set. Sunshine, Pimms, a bouncy castle and some seriously tasty canapés provided all the right elements for a steady paced, relaxing summer wedding. Cheers!

I have no idea what Fleur's original dress looked like but when I caught her in this moment with the early evening sun behind her I was pretty damn sure she'd made the right choice. She simply oozed the perfect combination of elegance and HOT and i'd say judging by the look on Richard's face, he would be in total agreement with Moi.  

Mmmmmmmmm hog roast….

Because Fleur and Richard chose a late afternoon ceremony we were able to make the most of the beautiful light be were gifted with. This proved to be the perfect time for a few family and group photos.

I absolutely love working with this kind of light, especially with back drops like these. 

Ahhhhh…. What a fine pair of Clarks. 

A touch of magic

Abbie's brushes weren't the only magical aspect of the Clark wedding. The magician was mind blowing. He captivated the crowds and left everyone stunned,  a genius way to give your guests something to remember!

The evening reception

With bellies full of delicious hog roast and tasty cup cakes it was time for the party to head in to the barn for cake cutting, speeches and some live music. 


It wasn't long before the dance floor was occupied and the celebrations continued..

And so it was time for me to leave the wedding feeling pretty much the same as when I had arrived. Relaxed and ready for a cuppa. 

I absolutely loved the simplicity of the style of their wedding, the chilled atmosphere and quality entertainment that they laid on for their guests. You guys were such a pleasure to work with, thank you Mr and Mrs Clark!