Mr and Mrs Covaci Brasov Romania

On the 18th August 2017 Hannah and Florin got married in ROMANIA and I was there because a) I am spontaneous bugger and b) I am one hell of a lucky bugger.

Romania is not a country I had on my hit list of places to travel to before I met Hannah but when we met and initially chatted about the wedding it didn't take a lot to convince me it was a place I would most definitely like to see. Hannah said "it's beautiful" "it's cheap" and "it'll be hot".

I am happy to report it what all of the above and a whole lot more.

Hannah very kindly organised my whole trip, generously putting me up for three nights in Brasov and a night in Bucharest. All I had to do was turn up and take photos. 


A visit to this church was probably a highlight for me during my stay in Brasov. I always find myself feeling emotional in churches anyway but in here I was so overwhelmed by how exquisite it was it made me want to weep the entire time I was in there. As you can imagine it receives a huge number of daily visitors.

So back to the wedding, that's why the real reason you are visiting, I know!


So the bridal preperations took place just outside of the Town. I jumped in a cab around lunch time and went to the villa to find Hannah and the bridesmaids getting the kids ready for the big day ahead. Hannah's daughter Bailey-Rae of course was on repeat "can I put MY dress on now?" Harry and Joshua were content playing and baby Mia was baby Mia aka "the most chilled baby ever".

Thankfully the villa was big as Hannah's dress needed a room of it's own. It was chosen by her and her mum Julie and as you can see, there was no way they were going understated!


I was excited about her long veil as they are always fun to work with if you can get a light wind on your side (that statement will make more sense later). In the mean time here's the veil on the stairs. Because it looks nice.


Florin's Romanian Aunties came to the villa to also get ready with his neice who was also to be a bridesmaid. They all arrived excited to be involved.

So after a bit of faffing about getting the girls hair ready it was time for everyone to get their wedding outfits on and prepare to leave for the ceremony. Bailey-Rae was probably the most eager of all.


As a mother of a five year old daughter the idea of watching her get in to a wedding dress seems light years away but as her Mum I have many continuous little moments where she makes my heart burst with pride and how beautiful she is overwhelmes me regularly. Through the eyes of her Mother she is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

As far as I know that doesn't change when our children get older or even become adults too. I know that Hannah had an extremely close relationship with her Mum. I had even heard the wedding described as "their wedding" when it was in the planning stages and so it is extremely sad that her Mum was not there to share it with her.

The entire time I was with Hannah I couldn't help but think of how her Mum would be feeling and what she would be thinking had she been there. From what I have heard about her and their relationship I think she would have been bursting with excitement to see all the children dressed up and when Hannah put on her dress she would have been looking at her as if she too was the most beautiful girl she had ever seen. Because you did look absolutely beautiful Hannah and I have no doubt a vision of your Mother's perfect love.


Time to get married...


I am not entirely sure where the ceremony was to be honest. I often over look such details when I travel if I don't have to get myself there. Hannah made it so that I just had to go with the flow and with a little help from Romanian friends translating with taxi drivers I made it to the right place. Besides anyone reading this (apart from the Romanians of course) wouldn't have a clue anyway. So all you need to know about the location is, it was ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL d it was somewhere in Romania.

The ceremony and the reception took place in the one venue. It was gloriously sunny and roasting hot.


Whilst we waited for the priest the guests amused and chatted amoungst themselves so I nipped off inside to shoot a fwe details. Hannah arranged her own flowers using her bespoke hat boxes. They looked a treat on the tables!


The vows took place early evening and the early evening sun seemed almost as stong as the mid day. But they managed to do it without melting and it was just perfect.


Time for bubbles and congratulations to the happy couple before the feast!


For their couple photos Hannah and Florin waited until the sun had started to set and we certainly made the most of it too! See what I mean about the veil? Nice eh? 


It seems traditional Romanian weddings are all about the party with endless live entertainment from sax players to a full band and traditional dancers.


Hannah had her own party entertainment up her sleeve. In honour of Mum Julie whom Hannah and her bridesmaids busted out a whole zumba routine to Ike and Tina's "proud Mary". Apparently it was Hannah and Julie's favourite routine when they went to zumba classes together. It was quality. 


From beginning to end my trip to Romania was fantastic, I would recommend Brasov to anyone looking for a little break away and if you get a chance to be invited to a Romanian wedding you must accept. They start late and go on until the early hours, but be warned, you must be prepared to dance A LOT.


The wedding was set in the most stunning location and the following day I took a trip up the mountain with the family to send up some lanterns to heaven.

I must say a huge thank you to you both Hannah and Florin. Youn treated me like a Queen and I am so grateful for the opportunity to visit such a beautifu place. I look forward to more coffees and lunch dates with you both.