Hello and welcome to the wedding of Mr and Mrs Crane. It took place on Friday 15th December 2017 at the Richmond Hill Hotel and it was all rather lovely. 


I arrived too early (as per) to find Hollie downstairs in the hotel wearing her PJs and wedding shoes (as good a time as any to break them in I guess). It was a strong bridal look for that time of day but not one for my portfolio so I will spare you from the photographic evidence (you're welcome). 

Hollie and the girls had a couple of rooms in the hotel to get fluffy in (because there were so flippin' many of them). The hair and make up artists were already cooking on gas when I arrived  and so after a quick chat and a coffee it was time for me to crack on with my job too.


Hollie by nature is very easy going person and up for creating zero amounts of fuss which is all any wedding photographer can ask really. So she set the perfect pace and tone for the rest of the day, happy to be told when and where to be.

She was just SO bloody easy to work with and not least incredibly pretty making my job relatively easy (WHEN I could catch her with her mouth closed (harder than you think). 

And lets not forget the boys... they too were getting all fluffy in their lovely suits back at the Pearce residence where it seems they were not short of a bubble or beer (or croissant) either. 


Erm looks like baby Willis was even keen to get on the beers with the boys a bit early doors... 


With the punctual arrival of guests the ceremony took place at 2pm as scheduled and soon enough it was time to get involved with some serious celebratory behaviour and the atmosphere was BULGING with it too! 

Given the time of year we only had a short window of time to nip off for some outdoor couple photos and thankfully it wasn't too cold and we had a perfect view to enjoy whilst we were at it. 


Handsome bastards. 


Once back inside the rest of the wedding was in full swing and ready to move in to the dining room for the wedding breakfast which was most appropriately kicked off with a sing along of twelve days of Christmas (just for shits and giggles you understand). There was a great effort of audience participation with each table of guests taking part which if I am honest,  was a tad messy to watch but thoroughly entertaining none the less. 


Best man Gino's speech was most definitely a highlight of the day. A cleverly woven tale of life before love with just the right amount of embarrassing memoirs to keep it real... well done Gino. You nailed it. 


I hung around long enough to capture some of the evening shennanigans before leaving this wonderful couple to party hard with their guests. I believe there comes a point at every wedding where the main photographer is simply not needed any more.

This is usually after way too many drinks and the heels are off and people are simply not going to thank you for taking photos of them busting out their best moves. Apart from Mrs Crane in my opinion her best moves were DEFINITELY unleashed once she'd kicked her heels off and I don't recall a groom throwing in a cheeky knee slide during a first dance before... always a first time and all that...

Anyway, I've no doubt in my mind the Cranes and their guests had an absolute ball and that their wedding was a 2017 Christmas highlight for all involved. It certainly was for me. Thank you Cranes for letting me steal another man's job- I think it worked out just right for all of us. You pair of absolute gems. x