The Huckerby Wedding

Gemma and Paul got married on June 6th 2015. They chose the Sandbanks Hotel as their venue as it is of great personal significance and a location close to their hearts. They often visit here to enjoy family time.

On this occasion I had the pleasure of working with a videographer called Will and we travelled down together on the morning of the wedding. We were greeted with bright blue skies and a mighty view of the ocean. Not a bad way to start a days work and in Will's case- shoot your first wedding. (No complaints from us).

Team Bride

We found Gemma in full flow of her bridal preparations, "team bride" all hands on deck with the most impressive and professional hair and make up artists. It was apparent very early on that no stone was left unturned when it came to planning her special day and every detail had been well thought out. A photographer's dream.

I would describe Gemma's mood as slightly giddy with a hint of pre-wedding nerves, teetering (as always) on the edge of an inevitable weep. I happen to know Gemma as one of life's more emotional beings and all that taken in to account, she managed NOT to smudge her mascara before the ceremony (with a little coaching from her professional make up artist). 



When that precious moment arrived to climb in to her dream dress, the room lit up. I think everyone was in agreement that this bride was one classy looking chick! Her dress was an elegant choice with the most beautiful details. Doesn't she look stunning? I absolutely LOVE watching hair and make-up artists at work and I could see why Gemma had picked these two for her big day. Everything was to be perfect and that is exactly how she looked.

After waiting patiently outside, Bernie (Father of the bride) was finally allowed to enter the room to be greeted by his lovely Daughter who was now one step closer to becoming Mrs Huckerby.   His entrance was well composed but the look of delight on his face was not to be hidden. He was speechless.

Mini Huckerbys

Henry and William had the big responsibility on the day of the wedding to carry the rings. They walked carefully down the aisle with their Aunt, dressed beautifully and wearing smiles. They hardly made a sound as everyone stood and watched them arrive.  We couldn't have asked for more perfectly well behaved children.

Here comes the bride...


Both Gemma and Bernie managed to keep it together walking down the aisle and Paul's face when he saw Gemma for the first time says it all.

The time came for Bernie to hand over his Daughter's hand to Paul and emotions were running high.

Every couple has a story to tell

Some may say that this wedding was perhaps a long time coming. Ten years together and this day was to seal it forever and begin a new chapter in their lives.

When I first met with Gemma in 2014 to talk about her wedding I asked her what was the most important thing to her. With absolute sincerity she said it was saying the vows. This conversation will stay with me and reinforces my desire and motivation to continue to capture these intimate moments and carry out my role to help couples tell their story.


The deal had been sealed! Hooray!


The Huckerbys!

Such a beautiful family.

It's off to the beach for some group shots..  Sandbanks is popular for it's wind surfing and it soon became apparent why. The wind was high and proved challenging but only made it all the more fun. Watching girls in high heels attempting to walk on sand and bridal veils flying every which way was hilarious. I loved it.

Happiness is...

Sponsored by kleenex.

Now, I have shot many weddings over the past few years and I have been known to even shed a tear or two myself. In fact it is very much the exposure of pure human emotion that draws me in to photography and feeds my desire to hunt and record them. Bernie's Father of the bride speech on this occasion was absolute gold. It wasn't even what he said as in actual fact he was barely able to say it. He was overwhelmed with emotion. I was concentrating so hard on capturing the reactions of the bride and groom that I had forgotten about the impact he was making on the room.

At the height of his emotions I turned round to see a room full of weeping wedding guests. It appeared that every other person was holding white tissue.

Bernard Cole you should be sponsored by kleenex!

This is a CAKE! YES A CAKE! Here's the link to the website. INCREDIBLE!


The Huckerby wedding was absolutely perfect! It contained all the right ingredients: FAB location, gorgeous weather, GREAT food, SUPER band, STUNNING bride, HAPPY Groom, LOVING family and GREAT friends.

I am going to finish this blog with this final image. It is my personal favorite. They will know why...

View of Old Harry Rocks. Gone but never forgotten.

View of Old Harry Rocks. Gone but never forgotten.

BEFORE YOU GO!! Check out this fantastic video! Will Fraser-Coombe made it. He's just starting out in the world of wedding videos. This is his first and I LOVE IT! He has captured the day with such great sensitivity and in a way that sometimes only video can translate.

CONGRATULATIONS HUCKERBYS. Thank you SO much for having us and for an incredible day.