"Vivir Mi Vida" The Price Wedding Somerset


An alternative wedding experience brought to you by Mr and Mrs Price.

Widcombe Grange Somerset

Flowers by:

Flowers by:


Widcombe Grange stands in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the Blackdown Hills in Somerset. With 22 acres of gardens, lakes and woodland an ideal setting to hold a festival/carnival style wedding.

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I think about my couple’s weddings most days following it until I reach the point where I am ready to sit down for long enough and write about it and sometimes I am just way too impatient and I send the highlights as a simple photo gallery. But I ALWAYS like to add the music that was significant to my couples on the day. Music is a huge part of my life and always has been and different music of course means different things to different people. The music that Sally and Tom chose for their wedding spoke volumes about them as a couple. They chose what THEY LOVE and there was absolutely NOTHING traditional or generic about it.

So today is the day that I find myself sitting down and ready to write about their INCREDIBLE wedding and if I am completely honest I fear that I may struggle to find the right words to best describe it and so to cover my ass I must insist that you listen to the music as you scroll through their photos as it really will take you there.

I asked for a few songs from them to feature on this blog and as soon as I started to play them I was transported right back to Widcome Grange Somerset, June 22nd 2019.


I have absolutely no idea what the lyrics to this next song mean of course (or even which language he is singing in) and so out of curiosity (and a desire to give this wedding the glory it deserves) I googled it and this is what I found:

The Story of Song “Vivir Mi Vida”

“So positive and such homage to life” is how Marc Anthony describes this song.

Vivir Mi Vida’ is a song about life, living happy and forgetting sadness. Marc said:…I called the album ‘3.0’ as a kind of reflection of the language often used among friends on social media to define the ‘next level”.

“The next level” is EXACTLY where Tom and Sally took my eight years of wedding experience. NEVER have I witnessed such fun, colour, joy (and chaos) or have I ever enjoyed myself more with a couple who know how to “live happy”.

So please click play and join in the party!


As a HIGHLY emotional being I am mostly left feeling overwhelming tearful after weddings but on this occasion I was mostly left feeling really hungover! I felt so sketchy the next from drinking too many mojitos I found myself waiting around with the rest of the over night guests for the pizza van until I felt fit enough to drive safely home to my family.

Mr and Mrs Price WHAT A BLOODY PARTY. What a pair of absolute legends you are!

May you always be blessed with the ability to live life happy and forget sadness.