"Hi Kelly
99% of the photo’s are absolutely amazing and you have done a brilliant job so many thanks.
The ones of me as predicted are terrible and I so do not photograph well.
I am so impressed with the creativity and it will be a real joy to share with our clients.
Thanks again".


Impact Creative Christmas Party December 2015

"Love love love the photos! They are stunning! Some of Maya are just breathtaking and you managed to get 4 of us looking in the same direction - miraculous! "

Lindsay Salmon family photo shoot October 2015

Kelly we LOVE them!!!!!!!! Honestly can't thank you enough!!! The BLOG made us laugh, cry and smile!!! I can't stop looking at them!!!! You have a very happy bride and groom right here! You're one very talented lady.

The Wyatt Wedding September 2014

Hi Kelly

We had to let you know how we felt reading your blog and looking at your pictures. Your pictures are all so natural and you have captured the true essence of who Matt and Kal are, their joy jumps out in your photos and we can see the love between them in your photography. Your blog and pictures together is such an original way of presenting a hindu wedding, and interesting, heart felt and insightful blog, which truly describes the vibe of the day x

Just in awe of you Kelly. You are so talented and so real ! Your blog evoked lots of emotions in us both. Here comes the sun made us both cry as we both felt Mamas (uncles) soul shining over Matt and Kals on the day xx

The Stark Wedding Raj & Jyoti (Kals brother and sister in law) July 2015

"Wow! I love the pictures, what amazing colours. Thank you!

Fiona Lowe Family photo shoot October 2015