“Hi Kelly

We had to let you know how we felt reading your blog and looking at your pictures. Your pictures are all so natural and you have captured the true essence of who Matt and Kal are, their joy jumps out in your photos and we can see the love between them in your photography. Your blog and pictures together is such an original way of presenting a Hindu wedding, and interesting, heart felt and insightful blog, which truly describes the vibe of the day x

Just in awe of you Kelly. You are so talented and so real ! Your blog evoked lots of emotions in us both. Here comes the sun made us both cry as we both felt Mamas (uncles) soul shining over Matt and Kals on the day xx”

The Stark Wedding Raj & Jyoti (Kals brother and sister in law) July 2015

“Kelly, your style is both technically excellent and full of movement and fun. We loved the light and the way you captured moments of joy, love laughter and tears. This isn't still life it's real life.”

Mr Mark Hansen Westminster Abbey 2019

“Not only does your awesomeness shine through your photos but I couldn’t imagine our day being in the hands of anyone else... you made us feel so at ease 💕 if any crazies scroll past you when looking for a wedding photographer then only they will be missing out!”

Mrs Paris Morris Monks Barn 01.06.19

“Wow!!! Thanks Kelly I hate having my photo taken but I felt so comfortable with you and had so much fun x”

Mr Dave Berry June 28th 2019

“When I saw your portfolio of photos I saw candid personal moments rather than just stock plain wedding photos. You manage to capture the little moment and make them look like fine art portraits.

From the moment we met you were genuinely excited and cared about our day, capturing the feel and experience for us. It never felt like you were just doing a job. You gave me a sense that you would go to any length to capture the perfect photo (which you did!).”

Mrs Gemma Halliday

“Your wedding photos are so unique and you see things that I could never see that instantly make an amazing picture. Plus you seem to get on the floor a lot and take great pictures (and that is just pure dedication). I couldn’t have asked for anything more, you were absolutely wonderful and having you as our photographer was one of the best decisions we made around the wedding”

Mrs Sarah Povey Hampton Court House 2018

“Your photos are relaxed, natural and so beautiful. It’s like looking at a painting at times. I fully believe that your personality gets you as much work as your photos do. You have the ability to make people feel like they’ve known you for years. I can’t tell you how important that is.'“

Mrs Michelle Gladwell Hampton 2017